Annual Income Report

Annual Revenue Report

This is a report of my past and current income due to building multiple streams of income.

(This includes side income only. This does not include my day job)

2013: $114,213

2014: $138,235

2015: $260,965

2016: $416,390

2017 Projected: $720,000


My Current Revenue Streams

Selling products on Etsy

Our most successful path for creating income so far is Etsy. We have made over $200,000 (profit) selling on Etsy.

4 Streams: We have 4 shops open on Etsy (Gracefully Made Jewelry, Canvas Vows, Fab Findings and Sincerely Silver)

Selling products on personal websites

2 Streams: We have 2 websites ( & We are currently working hard to grow these streams as new viable streams of income.

Selling products on Amazon

At the end of 2015 we decided to open a store front on In the first month, it added an additional $4,000 of revenue.

Handmade Advisor

In 2016 I started where I help artisans and small business owners take their online business to the next level!

Note: This is an example of passive income

Retail and Wholesale

In 2016 I started selling our Sincerely Silver jewelry brand to online and brick and mortar store owners

In 2016 I started Fab Findings which is a jewelry wholesale business