Monthly Income Report | September 2015

September was a good month. Our two core businesses were both up this month. Canvas Vows brought in an extra $1,000 more than it did in August for a total $3,380.89 in profit and Gracefully Made Jewelry brought in more than $2,000 more than it did the previous month for a total of $6,647.65 in […]

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Win An E-Commerce Business From Shopify

Shopify is giving away a profitable business for free! All you have to do is participate in a few shout outs across various social media platforms and you’re in! Here is the link: Good luck!

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Motivation | Building your E-Commerce Business (an article from Shopify)

I am huge advocate for Shopify. They have a strong platform for building e-commerce stores of any kind. Today I would like to share an article they wrote about finding time to start your business while having to work a day job. There are many people who have done it and you certainly can as […]

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Monthly Income Report | August 2015

This is my first of many monthly income reports. I am going to share with you what my income looks like each month. I like breaking it down by each month so you can get a feel for how each stream has a different value. It also shows how smaller streams, which can on the surface […]

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Inspiration For A New Income Stream | VentureMom

Here is someone who has the multiple stream income lifestyle down: Holly Hurd with Holly has created an e-course called “From Idea To Income In Just 12 Weeks”. It takes you through the first steps of idea creation, onto marketing and finally to launch. Not only does Holly show us a great way to create […]

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The harder I work, the luckier I get

My favorite success quote is….  The reason is because I believe it touches on two major points. The first is sarcastism pointed at those who seem to think that all rich people are just lucky. They see those who were privileged from birth and think everyone who has money are in the same boat. That those people were […]

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