Monthly Income Report | August 2015

This is my first of many monthly income reports. I am going to share with you what my income looks like each month. I like breaking it down by each month so you can get a feel for how each stream has a different value. It also shows how smaller streams, which can on the surface seem insignificant, actually add up quite nicely to a nice amount income.

August for a reason still unknown to me is always a great month. Sales seem to spike this month as an almost guarantee year after year. If anyone has any insight as to why this is please let me know!

Before I give you the numbers I would like to give a bit of motivation for the month ahead. Here is a quote from Chris Grosser who started his own photographer business at age 18:

I like this quote because it is so easy to sit back and wait for something better to come along. We know, however, that we can’t sit back, we have to go out and get it!

Now, for this months break down….

Total Revenue:

Stream 1 | Gracefully Made

Revenue: $9,583.90

Fees: $586.89

Product Costs: $1,452.49

Advertising: $2,287.10

Profit: $4,257.42

Stream 2 | Canvas Vows

Revenue: $4,935.95

Fees: $172.76

Product Costs: $1,427.84

Advertising: $1,005.32

Profit: $2,330.03

Stream 3 | Ultrasound Artwork

Revenue: $347

Fees: $12.15

Product Costs: $114.66

Advertising: $0

Profit: $220.19

Stream 4 | True Stone Designs

Revenue: $118.95

Fees: $7.43

Product Costs: $10

Advertising: $0

Profit: $101.52



New Stream Ideas | Under Construction

I would like to share with you new ideas that I am currently working on in order to continue building more streams of income and to increase the streams I already have.

Stream 5 (under construction) | Pergola Outlet

Pergola Outlet is a website I am working on to sell brand new pergola kits. Before starting the website I wanted to test the market to see if I could get sales for this product. I created listings on Craigslist to sell a pergola kit. Within a 2 week period I received messages from 3 people who were interested in buying my pergola. That was it for me. I believe this could be a viable new stream. I am going to hit it hard in the next coming months to get it off the ground. More to come on this one!


Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!