Monthly Income Report | September 2015

September was a good month. Our two core businesses were both up this month. Canvas Vows brought in an extra $1,000 more than it did in August for a total $3,380.89 in profit and Gracefully Made Jewelry brought in more than $2,000 more than it did the previous month for a total of $6,647.65 in profit. Our total this month comes to $10,248.41 profit. Best part is that this is all side income. This does not include my day job.

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Before I jump into the numbers for September I would like to give a quick quote for some motivation. Today’s quote comes from Angie Gels (via Be Leaderly), who is Vice President of Human Resources with The Nielsen Company. She says… 


Alright time for the September numbers. Here they are!

Total September Revenue: $17,721.87

The total revenue comes from the following streams….

Stream 1 | Gracefully Made

Revenue: $10,484.19

Fees: $546.08

Product Costs: $1,493.83

Advertising: $1,796.63

Profit: $6,647.65

Stream 2 | Canvas Vows

Revenue: $6,856.11

Fees: $625.03

Product Costs: $1,906.32

Advertising: $980.44

Profit: $3,380.89

Stream 3 | Ultrasound Artwork

Revenue: $345

Fees: $12.08

Product Costs: $113.05

Advertising: $0

Profit: $219.87

New Stream Ideas | Under Construction

In August I shared with you one of the projects I am working on for a new stream of income which is called Pergola Outlet. I finished up the website this month and am now working on bringing traffic. I have also been doing what I can to learn about SEO so I can start to rank on Google. I will continue to post updates on this new project.