Tools and Resources

The first thing to do is to decide your “Path”. Your path, in other words, is your avenue. It answers the question, where are you going to sell/make money?
Below are the paths that I have taken. I have provided resources I view as valuable in these chosen paths.

Path 1 | Sell On Etsy

Step 1: Open An Etsy Shop!

Opening an Etsy shop is the place to start. It is a great way to get started with opening your own e-commerce store.


Path 2 | Create a Website

Step 1: Duplicate Your Etsy Business By Starting Your Own ECommerce Website To Sell Your Products

My most profitable business (Gracefully Made) uses Shopify. They are one of more reliable and easy to use ecommerce platforms.
Shopify Ecommerce – Sign Up Here (free trial)!

Step 2: Domain & Hosting

Blue host is one of the most trusted names in hosting and domain support. It also has some of the best pricing around.